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One of the major characteristics of addiction is that it doesn’t just affect your body and physical health; it has the ability to take over all areas of your life.

Physical Effects

Depending on the addiction it will change your body and brain physically.  The someone who is addicted needs his or her drug just to feel a normal being. Since addicts need their medication of decision to feel ordinary, they will start to deceive everyone around them trying to conceal their habit. Due to their addiction they may miss work and will come up with excuses. They became so obsessed with their drug that they will lie to their loved ones, and hence it will destroy their relationship, friendship and even family life eventually.

Psychological effets

The beginning of the downfall has started, and it started affecting the addict psychologically. Anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts and impulsive behavior are common depending on the drug of choice. The consequences of these symptoms are worse. Addiction may also engage the addict’s behavior which is not in line with the addict’s former value system. Social relationship strained or ruined which sometimes beyond repair. An addict’s behaviour towards society become more aggressive as the addict may not realize his behaviour under the influence of any drug abuse. Many addicts are left alone by their family as they are unable to cope up with the behaviour of the addict. Eventually, it leads him to leave a solitary life with his addiction.

Addicts utilize their drug to self-cure their unpleasant emotions in their life. Addicts use their drug to deal with these consequences and he ends up using it more. It is very difficult for long term addicts to quit or cutting back and he may be unsuccessful, but sooner or later we know that it will ruin the addict’s life unless the addict does the best thing to come out of it: SEEK TREATMENT.

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