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Have you ever asked yourself? “I am sick and tired of the addiction.” “I wanted to quit.” However, it is very difficult for you to come out of it directly without any medical supervisor. Let us first understand the term “addiction”. Addiction is a brain disorder. It can affect the brain to work abnormally. The changes in the brain’s functioning can cause a problems with a person’s behavior.

Why it is a brain disorder ?

As addiction is a brain disorder, an addict might be moody. (S)He can face certain memory loss and problems while taking decisions. An addiction is an illness not weakness. An addiction can happen to anyone and at any stage. Studies revealed that using drugs at a young age increases the chances of higher addiction. Addiction causes chemical imbalances in our brains upon excessive use.

It is a slow process

Sadly, concluding that you’ve had enough of substance misuse doesn’t come rapidly or effectively. Numerous addicts neglect to see their unfortunate examples, every day. Awakening and utilizing drugs or drinking quickly is a lifestyle. Chronic drug use and liquor misuse make them thing in like manner, they work in stages, from start to finish. The principal stage includes utilizing or drinking and by the last stage, addicts are totally needy, pitiful, desolate and broke. Though addiction is a brain disorder, it is curable. Few of the Stages of addiction are :-

Stage 1 – Social Involvement

Addiction starts when you involve in a fun and exciting atmosphere where you try to drugs or drink severely. Social gatherings are the best place for drug abuse problems to hide. You start drinking with friends and thinks that it’s not a big deal. Eventually, you are start is an every other day habit. You have only desire to be “socially” drug abuse substances. You will not have much time for your friends and family who are not in drug abuse substances. Therefore you may experience professional and personal life imbalance. Going to work becomes harder day by day as you feel that your lifestyle is still fresh and fun. However gradually, everything will change. Things which once you find adorable and admirable will no longer remain so.

Stage 2: Depression

Reason for Depression

So, you are completely into drug abuse lifestyle and hence it affected your professional life. As mentioned earlier you will find it challenging going to work every day. You will start feeling very low and unable to find out the reason. Any attempt to find out the reason for the depression, you start lashing out at your loved one’s or even to your colleagues.  You are not sure at all as what is making you sad and lonely but you know that your situation is not normal. This is the stage where you should blame the drugs or alcohol, but you are unaware of it. You’re so much attached to the substance that it alters your mind. By the end of stage two it is quite obvious that you will lose your closed ones as you have broken the relationship beyond any type of repair.

Stage 3 – Sick & Exhausted

Sick & Exhausted

Now, you’re pitiful and desolate. Your family can’t have a genuine discussion about yourself and your close friends have proceeded onward. You start feeling weary. Burning through cash, drinking or utilizing drugs too much and sitting around idly become something you are sick of doing. In any case, presently that you’re so profound into the habit, you can’t stop it all alone. You need assistance yet aren’t ready to distinguish that thinking yet. You start to despise yourself for being so weary. Having no cash, vitality or strong friends and family is negatively affecting you.

Stage 4 – Recovery

How soon you can recover

Since you’ve finally understood that a dependence on drugs or liquor is causing the downturn, family offence and different issues throughout your life it’s a great opportunity to get help. You deserve it and you needn’t bother with drugs or liquor to have a cheerful and energizing life. It’s a great opportunity to re-figure out how to live without substance misuse. It will be a long, hard venture, yet you are more than ready for making it if you are mentally strong. Recognizing the issue is the initial step into recovery. Since you’ve done as such in stage four, you are well on your way.

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