Slim Shaper Pants

1,590.00 Inc.GST


The Slim Shaper Pants incorporates Neotex Smart Thermal Fabric technology. Basically it increases your body heat when it comes in contact with your skin and makes you sweat more.

Slim Shaper Pants are every day wear. They are perfect for any kind of physical activity and exercise. It’s design is unique such that the outer layer fabric of the pants remains dry even while the temperature inside is increases and you are sweating inside. The flexible, stretchable fabric melds to your body helping to tone down the thighs, buns and hips.

These are unisex and can be worn regardless of what you are doing. You can wear these while cycling, trekking, sports, running, walking, exercising, hiking, or any physical work. These pants will make you sweat, eventually help you reduce weight. It has a stylish and sleek design and a waistband that supports the waist so you can slip in it easily. It makes you look great and in perfect shape.

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