Natural glow on the face

If you want natural glow on the face, please follow the below-mentioned tips related to your diet.

Natural Skin Care

Glow on the face is obviously related to the skin of your face. The healthier and smoother the skin, the more beautiful and attractive your face will look.

Everyone wants to look attractive and beautiful. Many people think that you have to use a lot of expensive beauty products for this. But this is not true. As one increases the intake of more fluids in diet, the first step towards beautiful and healthy skin is achieved. Increasing intake of liquids ensure that your body with maximum amount of nutrients as well as fluids.

This is because water is constantly expelled from our body, in the form of sweat, in the form of urine or sometimes by other means. The water level also decreases during most of the chemical processes that take place in the body. This reduces the moisture in the inner and outer cells of the skin which in turns affects your beauty. This eventually leads to dry skin problems, if intake of liquid remains low.

These things are harmful to the skin

Generally, beauticians and dieticians advise people to consume more fluids to make their skin glow. But some people consume more beverages like tea, coffee, soft drinks etc. One must keep in mind that these drinks are not good for your skin health. Tea and coffee contain high levels of caffeine, while soft drinks contain substances that are harmful to the body.

This has a detrimental effect on the water level in the skin. After consuming this type of fluid, the blood capillaries in the body become narrow, which increases the roughness of the skin.

What exactly are the effects on the body ?

Blood cells in the body work to supply vital elements such to skin cells in different parts of the body. This in turn helps keep your skin hydrated. But if you drink tea, coffee or alcohol, the toxins in it reach the arteries in your body. This affects the blood cells and reduces their size. As a result, the supply of vital elements to your skin cells is reduced or hindered, leading to rough skin.

Side effects of the drink appear on the skin

Consuming more than one cup of coffee or tea throughout the day adversely affects the natural beauty of the skin.

Alcohol also affects the supply of nutrients to skin cells. This causes problems like swelling of the skin, enlargement of the pores on the skin.

Benefits of drinking milk and orange juice

If you consume milk, orange juice and green tea for two weeks in a row, you will experience positive effects on your skin. These drinks give your skin a natural glow. Both milk and orange juice are the best part of a liquid diet due to high water content.

Orange juice is high in vitamin C. Vitamin C repairs damaged skin cells very quickly. It gives a natural glow to the skin. Milk is high in lactic acid and protein. Both of these nutrients increase moisture in the skin cells.

In short, skin needs plenty of water to stay hydrated. So Include these drinks in the diet for beautiful skin.


If it is not possible to stop drinking tea and coffee completely, then these drinks should be consumed in a limited form. Drink a single cup of coffee or tea throughout the day. Avoid foods that will affect the beauty of the skin.

Also, drink at least eight glasses of water a day. Also drink milk and orange juice. This will add a natural glow to your face.

Outer Skin Care

In addition, apply regular moisturizer. You should try fairlook cream to achieve natural glow. It is 100% herbal and has no side effects if you follow the instructions properly.

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