VIP Hair Colour Shampoo

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VIP Hair Colour Shampoo is a long lasting hair colour shampoo with pleasant fragrance. It is a fast method to get black hair in 15 minutes.  It is empowered with conditioning elements as well and will help to keep your hair black, if applied regularly.

Men can apply this shampoo on head, chest, mustache, beard and forearms safely. Women can get rid of fear of grey hair whatsoever. It can be applied with bare wet hands and is ready to use, as you pump it out from the bottle. No bowl or brush is needed. It does not contain Ammonia and leaves no strains.

A bottle of Hare Care Vitalizer Spray is also included with this pack to help growing healthy hair. This spray is enriched with plant oils and vitamins useful to restrict hair fall and dandruff. The spray is non-sticky and gives oil free look.


Note : Please do read instructions before using it.


VIP Hair Colour Shampoo is a combo pack of a Hair Coloring Shampoo and Hair Care Vitalizer. This shampoo is extremely useful to turn your grey hair black in 15 minutes.  A bottle of Hare Care Vitalizer Spray is also included with this pack to help growing  healthy hair, by restricting hair fall and dandruff.


Note : Please do read instructions before using it.

How to Use

PLEASE READ INSTRUCTIONS MANUAL PROVIDED IN THE BOX BEFORE DOING THIS  For  Allergy Test, Safety Instructions and the Procedure to follow.

How To Apply

  • Ensure that your hair are clean without any trace of oil or dust.
  • Wet your palms thoroughly.
  • Press the nozzle pump on the top of the container. Pump our required quantity of shampoo on your wet palms.
  • Mix the content (Green and Brown Colour shampoo) well to produce white foam.
  • Apply the mixture on your dry hair, grey hairs of mustache, beard, chest and hand. Massage thoroughly.
  • AVOID close contact with eyebrows and eyelashes.
  • Wash your palms within 3 minutes from the time of contact using soap and hand wash.
  • Leave the applied shampoo for 15 minutes.
  • Wash your hair and each place where the shampoo is applied with plain water.
  • You do not need to use any other shampoo or conditioner as this product contains both.


STORAGE : Keep away from children. Store / Protect from heat and direct


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