Why Ban on the Drugs
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Why a ban on drugs?

No ban on alcohol, no ban on tobacco, no ban on cigarettes, then why a ban on drugs? The argument that drug use is not a crime in itself is just deceptive. There are not many instances of crime for tobacco or cigarettes. It is true, that the number of crimes for alcohol is slightly higher. But drugs go a long way beyond tobacco and alcohol. All sorts of crimes are more likely to occur while continuing to use drugs after becoming addicted. There are local and foreign women selling their bodies in some states as they run out of money for drugs. In addition to this, there are many complex angles such as insistence of drug trafficking, kidnapping, forcing people to work in porn to get money / keep getting drugs without money.

Film Industry and Drugs

Peer pressure in the film industry, and overall good looks, awkward situations and location shoots, hours of dance / song live shows should make it easy to get addicted to drugs. There will be those who stay away from it, but less. Some may even get used to such parties when they feel low or high. There are high chances that at such point of their career they get used to drugs.

The actual implications of drugs are way away from saying ‘I took drugs and fell asleep in the room’. Thay may be true in case of alcohol in some cases, but never with drugs. Therefore, taking drugs is considered a heinous crime and action is taken against it and it should be done.

Effect on fans and followers

There is no relation of one’s life whether his/her favorite hero / heroine / muscular man do not drink or do not take drugs. On the same line, knowing that a hero likes a heroine and takes drugs should not make much difference in your life. That is that hero’s / heroine’s personal life. But in relatity this doesn’t work this way. Life of many fans directly / indirectly gets affected by their idol’s way of life and habits, direct and indirect promotions made by him / her.

Pressure and Drugs

Parallel with film and modelling industry, many professions have the same or more pressure. A job which demands going for servicing anywhere in the country, traveling by train without getting a berth, traveling for hours on a crowded bus, working with physical and mental excretions till dawn while opening big machines, the pressure to fix it quickly, getting up early in the morning, regularly attending meetings exerts equal and sometime more pressure on an individual and his / her family.

Bookings made on the other side before the end of one call, not getting free even on Sundays for two or three months continued unabated. There will be many engineers doing such work across the country. But these pressures should not be a reason for consuming drugs. Same applies to film and modelling industry.

But the picture in film in modelling industry is quite different than above-mentioned jobs. Money is one of the prime reason why there are so many drug addicts in the film and modeling industry. The possibility that flow of money is being identified and targeted is often seen in reality in this industry, though there are other reasons as well including all sorts of exploitation.

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