Derma Jadi

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Derma Jadi is an Ayurvedic Solution against all sorts of Skin Infections. It is 100 % Safe solution to treat infections without any painful treatments. Derma Jadi is created from herbal extracts and do not contain any harmful chemicals.

Remedy for all sort of Fungal Infection

  • Fungal infection Treatment with ayurvedic herbs
  • No Pain, No Chemicals
  • Reduces urge for scratching
  • Decrease itching, Burning sensation, Peeling and sores
  • Increases body immunity against skin infections
  • Treats even Infections near private parts


Heal fungal skin infections with Derma Jadi. Ayurvedic Solution against all sorts of Skin Infections. It is 100 % Safe solution to treat infections without any painful treatments.

Trying to deal with skin infections can be discouraging and enraging. You may have attempted several methods to heal the skin, but they may have only made matters even worst. To avoid side effects, skin treatments must be chemical-free. Ayurveda is a care approach that focuses on removing the disease’s root cause.

To treat skin diseases, Ayurveda uses natural herbs, lifestyle and dietary changes, as well as Yoga and Meditation. Derma Jadi Ayurvedic treatment has proven to be extremely effective.

There are many causes of Skin infections, viz.

  • Humid Environment
  • Obesity resulting in more sweat
  • Zoonotic Reasons
  • Lack of Personal Hygiene
  • Community Centers
  • Consuming Food infected with fungus


This medicine is an easy treatment for such infections. Heal fungal skin infections with Derma Jadi
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Derma Jadi is a registered Brand. Be aware of buying fake and duplicate products from any other unauthorized sellers. Our products are available only on these given websites and below mention contact numbers.

Contact Numbers : 9222220003 / 9222220004


Derma Jadi Package Contains:
1 jar of gel and 1 bottle of 30 tablets.

Key Ingredients Of Derma Jadi Tablet:
Bakuchi, Chitrak mool, Chopchini, Guduchi, Kutki, Neem Magaj, Lasan, Ajwain, Manjishtha, Nirgundi, Daru Haldi, Anant mool, Apamarg, Nisoth, Punarnava, Pahari Pudina, Kasamarda, Khadira, Lavang, Jaitun.

BakuchiChitrak moolChopchiniGuduchiKutkiNeem MagajLasanAjwainManjishthaNirgundiDaru HaldiAnant moolApamargNisothPunarnavaPahari PudinaKasamardaKhadiraLavangJaitun

Key Ingredients Of Derma Jadi Gel:
Eucalyptus Oil, Lemon Grass Oil, Litsea Oil, Clove Oil, Aloe Jel, Wheat Germ Oil.

Eucalyptus OilLemon Grass OilLitsea OilClove OilAloe JelWheat Germ Oil

How to Use

Recommended use as mentioned below for effective results:

One Tablet daily after morning breakfast and Application of Gel on infected area before going to sleep.

  • Store in a cool and dry place.
  • Protect from direct sunlight.
  • Do not refrigerate.


Note: Results may vary from person to person.


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