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Useful exercises for getting a slim waist

By controlling the diet, one can reduce the fat around his/her stomach up to some extent, but if one really wants a thin waist, then along with controlled diet, certain exercises are recommended.

Skipping Rope

Rope skipping is a great practice for thinning the waist. It increases your metabolic rate as well.It makes the stomach muscles strong, which in turn has double effect on the waist. Initially one can start with only one minute of rope skipping, then rest for 15 seconds. Repeat this action five times. Gradually increase the time as per your ability.

Burp Exercise

Burp is also very good exercise to achieve a thin waist. It is a bit hard to do this exercise initially. Start by placing both hands on the ground like a squat pose, followed by raising one leg to the position of push-ups. Repeat this action by raising the other leg. In a way Burp, is a combination of squats, push-ups and jumping jacks in one set.

Bicycle Crunch

It is like a normal crunch, but instead of keeping the feet fixed, it has to be cycled. It reduces the fat around the abdomen, thighs and waist. To do this, lie on your back, then put both your hands behind the head, so that it will be easier to raise the head. Keep both legs straight. Now lift one leg upright, move the other leg near the chest, while moving the leg back, also raise the head with the hand. Repeat the same action continuously with the other leg.

Plank Exercise

Plank exercise helps to reduce fat around the waist, along with strengthening of hands and chest. Do the side plank along with the normal plank.

Exercises with stability ball

Be cautious while doing exercises with stability ball, as moving the ball forward, can sometimes cause excessive stretch in abdominal muscles. Bring the ball to the planks position, then move the ball slightly forward, during this time your foot should be stable. This causes abdominal muscles to stretch and thinning of waist.

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