Stress Belly Fat
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Stress Belly Fat

In today’s stressful life, everyone has to deal with stress for a number of reasons. Stress can be due to private or professional reasons. In both cases, long-term stress can lead to physical as well as mental illness. It also causes some people to gain weight. This is particularly, due to increase in fat around stomach and abdominal area. According to a research, stress is one of the reasons, which cause excess fat to accumulate in the abdomen. This condition is called as Stress Belly Fat.

This is an indication that stress and stress hormones are having a bad effect on your body. This problem may lead to a number of serious health problems also. Such health issues may be related to heart disease, type 2 diabetes, obstruction of the respiratory system etc. All such issues do have corrective as well as preventive measures.

But still what is exactly Stress Belly ?

Stress Belly means that stress and hormonal changes in the body have a detrimental effect on your weight, especially on the abdomen. For example increased levels of the hormone cortisol in the body, which is primarily a stress hormone. These hormones found in the adrenal glands help in controlling blood sugar, metabolism and many other functions of the body.

The cortisol hormone combines with hormones like adrenaline to fight various issues in the body. Cortisol hormone levels provide energy to the body to fight against any stressful situation. Once the tense situation is under control, everything can be undone.

Increased levels of cortisol hormone and weight gain

If you have been suffering from stress for a long time, your health is more likely to be adversely affected. Increasing blood pressure, raising blood sugar levels and also increasing stress cortisol hormone levels. Acute stress increases the levels of the hormone cortisol in the body. As a result body weight also increases. According to a report published in the Journal of Psychosomatic Medicine, people with higher levels of the hormone cortisol have a higher waist size and a higher body mass index.

Meanwhile, not all people who have gained weight have high levels of the hormone cortisol because heredity may also play a role in glucocorticoid sensitivity.

What to do to reduce stress belly?

Consumption of nutritious food

Include fresh fruits, greens and whole grains in your diet. A nutritious diet helps you a lot in weight control. Research has shown that eating foods rich in vitamin B can help reduce stress. That is why you should include nutritious foods like leafy vegetables, bananas etc. in your diet.

To reduce calories in the body

Avoid high calorie and nutrient deficient i.e. junk foods. Do not eat fructose and hydrogenated vegetable oils. Avoid drinking or at least drink in moderation. This is because alcoholic beverages are high in calories.

Stay physically active

If you are not physically active, you are more likely to have health problems. Regular exercise can help reduce excess belly fat. In addition, you will be in a good mood. Experts recommend exercising for at least 30 minutes a day.

Getting enough sleep is important

Complete sleep is also essential for weight control. Regular seven to nine hours of sleep is required. Inadequate sleep can have a detrimental effect on your physical and mental health. A nutritious diet, workout and complete sleep are very important for living a healthy life. Keeping these things in mind helps to protect the body from serious illnesses.

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