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Beautiful hair with Hair Gro Therapy Serum

Beautiful hair is 90% of your selfie and clearly defines your overall personality. A declining hairline or a bald patch is a cause to worry and can lead to depression and low self -esteem. But there is no need to lose hope as there are many remedies to solve this problem. Let me reveal to you the secrets to have a healthy scalp and bountiful hair growth – Hair Gro Therapy Serum.

Causes of hair loss

There are several causes of hair loss like nutritional deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, unhealthy lifestyle, stress, dandruff, genetic factors, side effects of medication, spurious quality of shampoos and dyes, etc. In women hair loss and thinning is aggravated post-pregnancy, PCOS issues, and thyroid.
There is no need to lose sleep over hair loss. Following a healthy diet rich in vitamin-D and omega 3 fatty acids can do wonders. Hair weaving is the latest innovation today but it has to suit your pocket.

How to boost hair growth ?

Use of Ayurvedic or herbal shampoos, natural hair cleansers, and masks, consuming vitamin supplements are healthier options to boost hair growth. Regular exercising and yoga increases blood circulation and retards hair fall. Key is to remain happy and lead a content life.

Bio lif Hair Gro Therapy / Vediva Hair Gro Therapy Serum is a complete hair treatment solution made with 13 essential oils like almond, olive, rosemary, lavender, wheat germ and more that tackle problems related to hair. These 13 essential oils are the most important oils for nourishment and growth of hair.


Hair Gro Therapy not only boosts and stimulates hair growth and dormant hair follicles; it also helps in producing new hair strands and enhances hair re-growth. It thickens hair, stops hair fall, fights baldness, hair thinning, and hair breakage and gives healthy, dense and smooth hair.

Bio lif Hair Gro Therapy / Vediva Hair Gro Therapy works by penetrating deep into the scalp, strengthening the roots, nourishing the hair, stimulating blood circulation, activates the dormant and sleeping follicles and prevents DHT attachment to the follicles. It is a combined formula of 13 essential oils that work on any hair type without the side-effects of other solutions and methods of hair regrowth.

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