Time To Detox
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Internal cleansing of the body

We make different efforts to keep our body beautiful from outside. But the internal cleansing of the body is also equally important. This internal cleansing or hygiene can’t be achieved only by controlling diet or keeping your stomach clean. It is also necessary to flush out the toxic substances from inside of the body. This process is called as detoxifying the body or in other words, detoxification. If we do not remove these toxic substances on regular basis, eventually it will lead to deteriorating health. This article gives brief information…

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Lessons from Lockdown

Fitness lessons during lockdown

Lockdown period and associated restrictions will soon go. But we have learnt many fitness lessons during lockdown. This article will put a brief focus on each such lesson. The most talked about term in the Corona period is immunity. Although, immunity has a genetic angle, it can be acquired through multiple disciplines related to the health. During lockdown, many people were aware of the fact that the decrease in the routine activities will lead to a natural increase in the body mass and weight. Some of us followed very strict…

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Natural Glow on the face
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Natural glow on the face

If you want natural glow on the face, please follow the below-mentioned tips related to your diet. Natural Skin Care Glow on the face is obviously related to the skin of your face. The healthier and smoother the skin, the more beautiful and attractive your face will look. Everyone wants to look attractive and beautiful. Many people think that you have to use a lot of expensive beauty products for this. But this is not true. As one increases the intake of more fluids in diet, the first step towards…

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Natural Remedies to Cure Dandruff
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Natural remedies to cure dandruff

Are you facing dandruff in hair irrespective of using different remedies ? Are you facing issues of re-appearing dandruff ? If such is the case, you should think of trying following natural remedies to cure dandruff. Most of us use shampoo frequently to get rid of the dandruff. Sometimes one will notice that Dandruff has disappeared after using shampoo frequently. But this may not solve the root of the problem. As soon as one stop using it, dandruff will reappear. In addition, if shampoo contains chemicals, then damage to the…

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Arthritis Treatment Precaution
Arthritis ayurveda joint pains natural remedies

Precautions related to treatment of Arthritis

Many treatments for arthritis continue to come under the scrutiny of doctors and medical health professionals, that claim there is little diet can do to positively affect this disease or manage pain caused by joint inflammation. There are few precautions related to treatment of Arthritis. Be cautious with the so-called natural treatment There are hundreds of remedies and products with high yearly consumption rate among arthritis patients. Books and recipes with natural cures for arthritis sell well and are making the industry a profitable one. But, the facts say something…

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