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Fitness lessons during lockdown

The lockdown period and associated restrictions will soon go. But we have learned many fitness lessons during the lockdown. This article will put a brief focus on each such lesson. The most talked about term in the Corona period is immunity. Although immunity has a genetic angle, it can be acquired through multiple disciplines related to health.

During the lockdown, many people were aware of the fact that the decrease in routine activities will lead to a natural increase in body mass and weight. Some of us followed very strict diets, even a semi-starvation diet. So some people choose to eat only once a day. But if the required nutritional value has not been consumed, then it is natural to feel weak. Consuming fewer carbohydrates and more protein increases the number of harmful substances in our bodies. Fruits and grains are sources of carbohydrates that contain natural sugars. It gives energy to our body. Some of the properties of carbohydrates help in maintaining the balance of pH in the body. The difficulty to manage weight during the lockdown has given an important lesson related to a balanced diet.

Another very important lesson from fitness lessons during lockdown was obviously related to exercise. Lockdown taught us, why we need to exercise regularly. Fitness became of utmost importance during the pandemic. Naturally, everyone tried to stay fit. Many learned new techniques to exercise at home. Due to a lack of equipment, the emphasis was on doing aerobics, yoga, meditation, dance activities, and general cardio.

Unavailability of maids or domestic help servants, we learned to handle many tasks at home on our own. This allowed us to stay active throughout the day. During that time, we were constantly busy, so we were in good spirits. So there was an easy way to burn the extra calories in the body. Now many of us have understood, why our ancestors were healthier than us. Even experts have agreed that we can be fitter if we continue to follow the same lifestyle.

Restaurants were closed for many parts of the lockdown. We enjoyed the home-cooked meal during this time. This will have a long-term effect on the habit of eating out or ordering meals at home. Not only that, but many people experimented with cooking during the Corona period and tried many recipes which they would not have, otherwise. Many understood that home-cooked food saves money as well as has health benefits due to increased hygiene. With all this in mind, we can move towards a healthier life.

Otherwise, it also, provided very strict vigil towards hygiene. It was not limited to personal habits. We improved with washing/cleaning hands at regular intervals, avoiding unnecessary hand-face contact, changing clothes, or even taking multiple baths as a precaution. We also improved our littering habits, keeping the surroundings and environment in a better condition.

To avoid mental stress, many of us adopted strict schedules, irrespective of disturbed pre-lockdown routines. This includes the habit of going to bed on time and getting up early in the morning. Many understood the benefit of quality sleep. We know now that sufficient sleep not only increases the energy of the body but also improves mental health.

Feelings of fear, uncertainty, and insecurity were at home during the lockdown. It also forced us to know ourselves, to be content, and to do what we love. Few of us developed new skills while many pursued hobbies. This brought peace of mind as indirectly we learned lessons of dealing properly with stress. This again has indirect health benefits.

Due to surplus time, interaction, though most of it was online, with family members, neighbors, friends, with like-minded people, increased. We handle difficult times with the help and support of many such people. As we came closer, most of the time it resulted in better relations. This helped to improve mental health.

As the lockdown restrictions eased, many began traveling to beaches, cool places, and islands. Staying at home for many days and interacting online most of the time, creates a strong desire to get out of the house. Corona taught us lessons about mental and physical health by spending time in close proximity to nature.

Among all the fitness lessons during the lockdown, the most important lesson that many of us learned is that fitness is not limited with physical things. Mental fitness is equally important. To be precise, we can now say that we have learnt that physical and mental fitness are mutually connected and we have to achieve both if we want to be strong and fit when another pandemic hits the earth in the future.

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